My latest book!! What Every Child Should Know by Gail Martin

The cover may look “dated” but this is a GREAT book for learning how to incorporate Christ into your home, into the daily lives of your children, family unity, responsibilities for kids at each age (they have check sheets broken down by age!!), biblical character and developing their gifts and talents!!!    It’s an easy read, and short!!! ORDER IT TODAY!!!

How do I get my Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

How do I get my Baby to Sleep Through the Night? I have the answer!!! Well, I personally don’t have the answer, but I know a resource where you can find it! Ever heard of Babywise? It’s a book called On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo. I do have videos below if you prefer to watch! Just scroll down. Get a copy of my notes, schedules, experiences HERE!  Enter your email and I’ll send you a copy! This book was recommended {Read More}

Use Positive Talk with your Kids

Wes and I have been taking a parenting class from Growing Families International and it’s been the best thing we’ve done for our family. One of the encouraging things I learned was to focus on the positive words instead of the negative and it’s really been helping. Here’s what I mean. Instead of saying:                                      Try: “Don’t spill your cereal.”                                                    “See how careful you can be with your cereal.” “Don’t get out of bed.”                                                       “Obey mommy and stay in bed.” “Don’t {Read More}

Toddler Tasks

Ever heard of the Montessori way to train your toddler?  A friend of mine takes her son to a Montessori school and has noticed huge improvements in him “taking ownership” around the house.  Here are some tips she said I can share with you! The whole goal of all these little ideas is to make a home in which your toddler can be independent and feel pride in what they are doing. We are all so busy, but taking the {Read More}

Car Seat Info!!

Knowing the best way to install a car seat, when to turn your child around, what kind of seat they need for their height/weight can be overwhelming! So when I came across this article in Parenting Magazine on Car Seat Mistakes you might be Making I wanted to share it here! Click on the link for more detailed info, but below is the quick list! Mistake #1: Picking the wrong seat for your child’s age, height, or weight Mistake #2: {Read More}