My Fitness Journey after 3 Babies!

It’s a JOURNEY every time!! Did you notice that after baby #3 is actually when I got in the BEST SHAPE?! How’s that possible right? A LOT of learning what works BEST!! Both with fitness and nutrition! There are MANY things you can do for fitness and nutrition. BUT there are some things that work better and quicker than others while still being HEALTHY! **Disclaimer, this is a journey! You can’t expect these results in 1 month! Each time it {Read More}

My latest book!! What Every Child Should Know by Gail Martin

The cover may look “dated” but this is a GREAT book for learning how to incorporate Christ into your home, into the daily lives of your children, family unity, responsibilities for kids at each age (they have check sheets broken down by age!!), biblical character and developing their gifts and talents!!!    It’s an easy read, and short!!! ORDER IT TODAY!!!


Are you putting in both time and effort needed to reach your goals?


It’s important to fit in a workout even if you don’t have a lot of time. Have you worked out today?


Excuses are easy to find. What excuse do you use most often?