My Fitness Journey after 3 Babies!

It’s a JOURNEY every time!! Did you notice that after baby #3 is actually when I got in the BEST SHAPE?! How’s that possible right? A LOT of learning what works BEST!! Both with fitness and nutrition! There are MANY things you can do for fitness and nutrition. BUT there are some things that work better and quicker than others while still being HEALTHY! **Disclaimer, this is a journey! You can’t expect these results in 1 month! Each time it {Read More}

Coach Sneak Peek Group

FREE 5 Day “SNEAK PEEK” into what Beachbody Coaching was ALL ABOUT & what we do as coaches! In the Sneak Peek Group we’ll be going over: – What a coach does! – How you can earn an income doing this! – Do I have to be “in shape” to do this? – Is it ok if I’m not a fitness professional? – How much time is needed? – Do I have to sell? – How much does it cost {Read More}

Information on Beachbody Coaching

Information on Beachbody Coaching VIDEOS 7 min Basic Info on Beachbody Coaching 20 Min Video from Christine Dwyer that goes through more details. Christine is a very successful coach who has helped many others become successful as well. AUDIO What is Coaching? I did a 30 min call that tells you why I became a Beachbody Coach, the details of what it means to be a coach and basic info regarding coaching. *Right click on the link to save as {Read More}