3 Tips on Getting your Workout In

Today I want to give you 3 tips on how you can find time to get in your workout. 1st – Understand that it’s not gonna be convenient. 🙁 Chances are your gonna have to either give up sleep or TV. So you might have to get up early in the morning or you might have to stay up late after your family goes to bed and do it then. 
2nd – Schedule it and do it. No matter what. {Read More}

Testimonials and Monthly Results

I run MONTHLY Accountability Groups every month for people who are doing a Beachbody workout program and drinking Shakeology daily. **While I encourage everyone to submit results, not everyone does. So you will notice some months missing. And I have removed last names for the privacy of my participants who didn’t want their full names posted. My point of sharing these with you is to SHOW you that, if you follow the workout calendar, IT WILL WORK. If you replace {Read More}