My Eating Plan

I’m a wife, a mom of 3 kids, I work part time from home and I’ve been asked, “So how do you have time to eat healthy?” I’m going to tell you what I do to make HEALTHY eating a priority! First: I’m a creature of habit. So once I find something I like, I eat it often! You’ll see that below! Second: Planning is Key! I make a list of dinners I want to have for the week. Then {Read More}

Walt Disney World TIPS!

Walt Disney World Info I’m NOT an expert on Disney, however I LEARNED so much on our trip and planning for our trip that I wanted to share with you our experience and have all of this written down so I remember it all when I go to plan our next trip to Disney! If you’d like to see our pictures, I did a youtube video for our daughter to be able to have as she gets older. If you {Read More}

My Fitness Routine

Recently I had a few people ask me what I do for my fitness routine so I wanted to share! 1. # of times I workout a week – 5! Now if you’re trying to LOSE weight, I highly recommend you workout 6-7 days/week. Right now I’m in a “maintaining” phase, so I do 5 days/week. The other reason I do 5 days/week, is because it has to be practical for my life and something I’ll stick to! That’s most {Read More}

The Magic of Thinking Big

Just a quick note on changing your mind frame, choosing to be positive and moving past the negative! I consider myself a positive person, however a few weeks ago, right before I taught my toning class I was talking to a few of the participants. One lady (who didn’t realize I was the teacher) was saying how the person who use to teach that class would have a full class, he did such a good job, people would be lined {Read More}

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