Greigers10I’m Erin Grieger and I have a great passion for life. I’m married to the love of my life, Wes.  We have three beautiful daughters, Ellie, Adelynn and Laylie!

Here’s the short, quick version….

I’m a mom who after had children, “wanted my body back!” I did ChaLean Extreme and got the BEST results of my life. I wanted to help other moms/women, get the same results. I wanted them to feel as good about themselves as I did. I wanted them to feel comfortable in a bikini!!

I’ve helped people lose weight, drop inches, learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank, start to feel good about them selves, have their spouses comment on their increased energy, confidence level and improving figure!

Are you ready for me to help you? If so, send me an email at or find me on Facebook and send me a message.

Here’s my FULL story that talks more about my struggles through high school and college.

Growing up I’ve always know 2 things about what I’ve wanted to be in life.  First a high school math teacher and then when the time was right….a mom.  Knowing when I had children I wanted to be at home with them. Never did I know then that I had a hidden passion….fitness.

I thought it was important for me to share my story because people who meet me now, might not realize I had a weight loss story.

I come from a very short family. Now don’t confuse short with “small.” All of my grandparents stood no taller than about 5’6”. Both of my grandma’s had weight issues and genetics passed on their wonderful thick thighs. My dad grew up with his mother struggling with her weight all her life. She belonged to weight loss groups such as Weight Watchers, did fad diets, protein diets, etc and rode her exercise bike. It was literally from the 1920’s (Yes it did look like the one in the picture)! My mom’s mom hated exercise and refused to do it.

My weight “issues” didn’t really start until I was in college. (Even though as a high school girl I wasn’t ever completely comfortable in my own skin because I always felt like I was being compared to my ‘skinny’ friends.)

That’s right, I gained the dreaded college freshmen 15lbs! Something I swore would never happen. Even though I would exercise, those late night ice cream treats really did me in. Now some of you may think 15lbs is nothing. But remember I stand at a very tall 5’ 1’’. That 15lbs on me looks much heavier than on someone taller.

After the trial of many fad diets (south beach, adkins, etc) and no success I decided to try Weight Watchers. What I loved about WW was that I got to eat my treats!!! I didn’t have to buy their food, I got to make whatever I wanted, it just taught me portion control. I got to CHOOSE where I spent my fat, calories, etc without having to count them. The points system was very easy to use and it gave me the freedom to eat the foods I loved in moderation.

This is when I learned that no matter how much I exercised (yes I did exercise at least 4 days/week), what I put in my mouth played a BIGGER role in my weight loss.

(Weight Watchers is still the only program I recommend because it teaches you how to make choices with food in the ‘real’ world.)

I did great with WW. Took the weight off and was happy for the most part. Then I went back to school. This year was better than my first year but I stopped counting points and definitely wasn’t in the best shape.

The following year I did a study aboard program in England. BEST experience of my life!!! Even though I did exercise while I was overseas, the foods are very different, we spent 1 whole month traveling around Europe and I ate more foods to “experience the culture.” Needless to say when I got back home, I REALLY needed to lose weight. At this point, I was at my heaviest EVER with at least 20lbs that needed to come off. I remember looking back at a picture taken the day of my “homecoming” and was mortified at how fat my face was!

That following fall I became a fitness instructor. This was more to appease the former cheerleader in me and keep me accountable to going to the gym. I got back on track with my food, counting points and regular exercise. I was able to get rid of about 15 lbs at this point and I was content in how I looked. I was no supermodel, but felt like “this is as good as it’s going to get so learn to be happy.”

This is basically how I felt for the next few years. I graduated college, started teaching high school math, got married, became a personal trainer and was now beginning to think about having children.

All I knew was that I HAD to get back in shape after having a baby. I knew other women who had and I knew I could to. I couldn’t stand the mentality of “I’ve had a baby so now it’s ok to let my body go.” Or the idea that you can’t have a good body after a baby. I figured since I was a fitness instructor and a personal trainer that I’d be able to figure it out once I had a baby.

After I had our first baby I was getting back to teaching my fitness classes at the local gym. I was teaching a toning class and instead of coming up with my own routine, I decided to follow the exercises from a workout program I had just bought.

In my humble opinion, I never thought this program would give me any better results than what I’d been doing in the gym previously. It just made my job easier. After some time had passed, to my surprise, a lot of the participants in my class kept telling me how much they enjoyed the workouts and that they really felt like they were getting stronger and their bodies where changing. For me I had definitely noticed how much I enjoyed the workouts. I also felt like I was getting stronger and the workouts just made me feel good!

The workout program is a 90 day program (ChaLean Extreme). I went through it twice before my results really hit home for me. The first time was when my husband told me how great I looked and not to stop what I was doing! And second, when I went to the Gap to buy new jeans (6 months after the birth of my daughter) and I was shocked when they had to bring me in smaller size jeans than what I wore BEFORE I was pregnant! I hadn’t worn this size since high school!!

I was able to stay at that size and keep the weight off until I got pregnant with our second daughter. She was born almost 3 years later.

After that pregnancy, I again, jumped right back into ChaLean Extreme, mixed in some TurboFire and within 6 months again, I was now in even BETTER SHAPE! I was down a size smaller than before!!!

It just had made me realize what daily commitment can do for you over a long period of time! It’s the SLIGHT EDGE decision to DO something 🙂 Never then did I realize fitness would become such a part of my life!

During this time I realized my passion for helping others with fitness and found that I could do even more to help others.  That’s when I became a Beachbody Coach. Now I’m able to work from home part-time, replaced my full time income and get to be with my daughters all day!

**Fun side note, after my dad’s mom passed away (my grandma who did workout), we found her old VHS tapes. One of them was Slim in 6, a Beachbody program. Seeing that really makes me think my grandma would really be proud to know what I’m doing now!

I love the Lord with all of my heart and will raise my children to praise Him in all circumstances because he’s the only thing that will never change.

I encourage people to DREAM big. Go after what you want and don’t be complacent in your job. FIND a way to make it happen. And if you need some encouragement along the way, I’m here to help you out!

Please connect with me on Facebook, I’d love to learn more about you!